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The use of power"Power is the ability to influence or control the behaviour of people." - WikipediaThis is the definition of power according to Wikipedia. But how can you control the behaviour of people? With money or simply by speaking to them?There is no one that knows the one true answer. However, it is the use of power that really matters. There are two sides of how you can use it: there is the constructive and destructive way. The constructive way means using the power for the good of others, like encouraging people to do things for charity. The destructive way is the direct opposite; you use the power only for your own good, which could be like tyrannical control. George Orwell's book ...view middle of the document...

The only word they got is "good". "Great" becomes "plusgood" and "excellent" become "doubleplusgood". Negative words are also removed. The only bad word they have is "ungood" which is like "bad", same principle goes there as well. This method is actually a great way to keep the people from discussing and thinking unacceptable thoughts about the power. The power of a free mind can be dangerous, and restraining the language will limit the words a person can think and say. That will make people more factual and less subjective, which means that they will follow the facts presented in the propaganda.Continuously, another method the regime is using to preserve control over people is called Two Minutes of Hate . This technique is used to let the people spew out their emotions and enables them to express themselves sufficiently. Since their Newspeak language limits the amount of emotion the people can show and because the population is so tightly controlled, they need some way to let it all burst out. Thus by the cleverness of the controlling side, they decided to direct the peoples hate towards the opposing side. The regime organizes an occasion where the people get to blast out all their anger, by showing rebellious pictures linked to terror and misery. Hate, crafted by the brilliant technique made by the regime, made them manage to keep people in emotional control, which means preventing them from rioting or trying to express their feelings. While also directing the unhappiness and hate towards their antagonist, making the government look better.The most disturbing method the government use to keep their totalitarian ruling is a program called The Youth Leagues . The regime is brain washing everyone but its main focus is the youth. They force their propaganda onto the children and convince them that the government is the correct side, which later on will make the youth follow their way. These children that are taught the "right" way will join a group called The Youth League. Their member's primary task is to monitor the activities of their parents, which means that the parents are being watched everyday, meaning that they do not have a single moment to let their guard down. One slip, and they could either be caught by the Telescreen or by their own children. This will ultimately build up even a bigger fear in a regular persons life, as they know deep inside that their own flesh and blood is able to pinpoint them.Moreover, the worst approach of all is the Memory Hole . Memory hole is the alteration or complete disappearance of inconvenient or embarrassing photographs, transcripts, documents or any other records. The Memory Hole is like a small incinerator used for censoring, by destroying things that the regime considered...

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