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The Use Of Powerful Multimedia Technology In Medical Fields

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The use of powerful multimedia technology helps in revealing the intricacy of the immune response. This tool can also be used in science and research teaching for which the universities are trying to develop the multimedia technology so as to sophisticate the way of teaching. Multimedia can be used in teaching in a way where it shows the simulation of the processes, helps in knowing and better understanding of the structures through representation of multidimensional structures and also helping the students to make them better understand the concepts involved in the subject. ...view middle of the document...

Flash: Flash tool is used in making of the interfaces for the web and also helpful for animations and designs. In order to make more efficient use out of it, we use small files so that the speed of downloading becomes faster. This is one of the easiest multimedia tools that can be learnt faster and since this tool is based on the vector graphics, we can resize the created animations easily and faster. Flash uses ActionScript which is its own scripting language but this language is not efficient in handling the complexity.
Director/Shockwave: This tool mainly emphasizes on the complex programming which handles the larger sizes images and files. It creates interactive multimedia and images which are graphically rich. Lingo is the language used by this tool because of which we can create 3D images also. Since Lingo is not easy to learn, it makes the tool to be little complex compared to other multimedia tools.
JavaScript: This tool is for the creation of animations on web pages with interactive features. The only issue with this tool is that there occurs some compatibility issued between the end user and the browser with the use of JavaScript.
Light Wave: This tool is a 3D animation tool which makes it easier in exporting the objects to shock wave files, thereby increasing the interactive functionality. It is mainly used in gaming constructions and to insert special effects in movie making. Since it is complex, it is more time taking to learn and also found to be more expensive.
The other important criterion is to consider the system possessions of the students and knowing whether they have the requirements meeting for the multimedia tool to be implemented. The importance of 3D technologies is creating an important and major role in the field of creation of the medical images and the way of their transformation. There are certain implications which show how the students, researchers, trainers, educators and the patients inclusively are integrated for the purpose of improving the interaction and the communications in medical fields. Dundee University is performing research developments in the field of 3D medical visualizations. The university research department gave more importance to long term patient care and communication after realizing that there is need for more sophisticated and enhanced 3D bio medical animations than the existing models for the arterial disease. The research department along with the School of Medicine had integrated and tried to explain how they can enhance the visualizations and how these enhanced versions of animations help in facilitating the mediation, bring opportunity for the existence of disciplines of animations and clinical research and also the interactions between them.
The convergence of the development of the research methods, communications and the audio-visual technologies is important because it helps us understand and interact with the world around. Because of this convergence, there is a rapid...

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