The Use Of Promotion Strategy Essay

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Promotion Strategy:
The effective use of all the tools of marketing mix help a company to create, communicate and deliver value to potential customers. Promotion the fourth element of the marketing mix is generally divided into five differential tools, all of which contribute to the achievement of marketing objectives. These are:
1. Advertising: paid for space, time or material that promotes any company’s product or service.
2. Sales Promotion: short term incentives and offers that encourage people to buy product or service.
3. Public Relation: news and information about company’s products and services for which the company doesn’t directly pay for.
4. Personal Selling: personal presentation to prospective customers regarding company’s items.
5. Direct marketing: non-personal presentation to prospective customers to which they can respond directly.
These promotion strategies of marketing mix are developed around the customer’s needs, wants, habits, characteristics, attitudes, location, etc.All the Promotion strategies are the most effective and important communication vehicle for marketers. The strategies of promotional activity help the marketers to enhance the paths for reaching towards their goals. It’s a free GUIDE or method or creating and increasing sales for producers or marketers. After selecting the target market it is the next major step for marketers to reach that target market and encourage people to buy more and more through all tools of promotional strategies. The widely used division of promotional strategies helps in three ways:
▪It helps companies to decide which tool will be most useful in achieving particular objectives.
▪It helps companies to decide how to divide up their budget between the different promotional tools.
▪It gives a rough and ready definition of what each promotional tool is there to do.
Danish Condensed Milk has been considered as the most competitive product in Bangladesh among various companies condensed milk for the last 24 years. From the other sections of this marketing plan we have already got a brief idea about DANISH Condensed milk which is holding number one spot in the market. In order to increase our present growth as well as to acquire probable consumers we are going to undertake some other innovativaions in our promotional decisions. Our Company is already performing their business successfully all over the country through using various promotional mixes effectively. For instance-
* broadcasting advertisement in television (TVC) and radio as well as publishing adds in all kinds of reading manuals.
*labeling posters on the wall nearer to the hot t tea shops both in town and urban areas.
* Personal selling has been using widely with the hot tea sellers...

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