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The Use Of Propaganda In Wwii

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        Propaganda is the art of persuasion, and it had a major influence on WWII. Every country involved in the war had their own way of using propaganda to impact the public in different ways. Some countries were more forceful in presenting their propaganda to their country. Many types of propaganda were used in WWII. Books, radio, films, comic strips, and posters were directed towards the public to put them in a certain mind set about war. Every countries propaganda had different effects on the public. Nazi Germany’s use of propaganda had a greater impact on the public compared to Canada, USA, and Britain’s propaganda.
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The radio always had on something about the rise of Nazi Germany, keeping citizens informed on war overseas, in bringing the reality of war home to them in some way. Despite the great depression, most Americans owned a personal radio for their home, making it easy to keep up to date on the war in Europe. The American government frequently made speeches to be broadcasted across the country directed towards Hitler and his misguided philosophy, as well as written comedies to attempt to lighten the spirits of the American government. Nazi Germany’s use of radio propaganda was very different than Americas. Germany used radio much more forcefully than the USA did. Germany sold radios for very cheap, so everyone could afford one. The man in charge of Nazi propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, wanted to make sure everyone heard Hitler speeches, so there were continuously played on the cheap radios. The difference between America and Nazi Germanys use of radio for propaganda is Germany was much more forceful with making sure they played things to influence the Nazi way of thinking into everyone’s head, where America didn’t rely on it as heavily. Because Nazi Germany were much more forceful with their use of radio, it had a bigger impact on society compared to America.
                Britain and Nazi Germany had completely different views on children during the war....

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