The Use Of Recled Materials Essay

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______________________________________________________________________Student Name: Eduardo Rodrigues de Almeida 29/05/2014Student Number: 25675249Should recycled materials be used in the construction of buildings?The current world has required strategies to promote the environmental protection and the sustainable development has became more and more fundamental (Tam & Tam, 2006). This environmental mission has reached individuals, authorities and industries, including the construction industry. Using recycled materials has been one of the possible solutions to minimize the footprint that construction has caused to the environment but some difficulties can be noticed during the process to implement this activity. Although the use of recyclable materials in buildings faces ongoing challenges, there are many ways to tackle these problems and the results tend to be profitable for both, the economy and the environment, thus making the use of recyclable materials in building an important target for any company and any country (Huang, et al., 2012). In order to support this opinion, this essay will present a method how recycled materials can be used in construction of buildings. As introduction, more details about the environmental effects by the construction industry is shown to support why it is fundamental. A brief explanation about how recycling can be an efficient manner to protect the environment and minimize these impacts is treated and also the difficulties that naturally occurs during the implementation process. However, authorities, companies and individuals can work together to reach this goal in consideration of the environment protection. The wide possibilities of types of materials that can be recycled and used in the construction of buildings makes this activity flexible and reachable for different companies.The construction industry is known for its environmental adverse impact. It is due the enormous amount of natural resources needed, the drastic CO2 emission by concrete production, consumption of energy and waste production. These factors contribute to classify this industry as not environmentally friend or conflicting with the sustainable development (Meyer, 2009). Pulselli et al. (2007) affirmed that the constructed environment is responsible for almost 40% of the world consume of materials, additionally, 30% of the energy consumption is due housing. By this fact, the industry of construction is responsible for the biggest consumption, before transports sector (Amponsah, Lacarrière, Jamali-Zghal, & Le Corre, 2012). In addition, construction is also considered the largest waste producer over the world. Although the amount of waste varies for each country, the waste from construction industry is substantial in comparison of others industries (Richardson, 2013). Supported by these factors, there are no doubts about the environmental footprint of construction sector.However, there are some measures that could be taken to...

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