The Use Of Salt On Road Assignment: Write A Research Paper On Using Salt To Help Road Conditions In The Winter.

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During the winter months in Wisconsin we often see road salt used so much that there is often a shortage! Most people from Wisconsin have know that we use salt on our road, and some even use it on their driveways, but few know what the road salt actually does and how it helps to melt ice. The melting process is not hard to understand, but few people take the time to learn what road salts are actually doing on our roads. Unlike sand, which is commonly used on roads during the winter, the ice actually helps to melt the ice and keep it in a liquid state.The freezing point of water, the temperature just cold enough to make it freeze into ice, is 0 degrees Celsius. Dissolving salt in water makes the water harder to freeze. To get salt water to freeze you have to make it colder than 0 degrees. So, salt lowers the freezing point of water. Many people also believe that adding salt to water will help it boil faster. This is the same concept, but only reversed.When sand is used on roads in the winter, it is used purely for traction. Sand does not melt ice, or lower the freezing point, like salt does. Sand creates a rough surface to prevent tires from slipping and spinning on ice. When there is a salt shortage, sand is used as a replacement. Sand is not the favored road maintenance tool, but will work for a short period of time. Salt is always preferred over sand because it actually fixes and prevents a problem...

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