The Use Of Social Network Or Social Media For Recruitment Purposes

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The use of social network or social media for recruitment purposes provide a substantial prospects for employers to search and recruit potential candidates. Since social media and online resources are the most available and effective tools in the 21st century, they are more convenient and appropriate to use for recruitment purposes nowadays. But as there are number of advantages there are also couple of significant challenges for employers if they want to have screening or background checks or check employee job references.

While using social network to search and select the right candidates, employers are facing certain restraints, occasionally, while online screening is based on data ...view middle of the document...

And micro blogging service, called Twitter "that enables users to send and read short 140-character text messages, called "tweets".

These major social platforms are very successful among large range of generations as well as they have become an integral part of so many people's lives. Therefore they are more convenient and handy to use, also because of the use of advanced mobile applications and high-speed Internet access, wherever working in an office or participating in a marathon.

Although Facebook was originally built for personal communication only, it eventually was toggled into a tool that is being used for business and professional use also. It lets the users and potential employers to create an employment brand, search for possible applicants, and post available vacancies. Also, it allows unlimited opportunities for communication with applicants and allows organizations to form communities and interest groups.

LinkedIn is another proficient platform, which is commonly used by many, even if not for job-hunting. It is a tool for web based networking, and it allows people to obtain an unlimited number of connections to extend their business networking. It also gives an opportunity to explore job postings and companies updates. For recruiters, LinkedIn offers a good and reliable information source about the qualifications of employees and supports the control of their own networks to find potential candidates for job openings. Companies can create profiles and establish feeds of information for those who would prefer to...

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