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The Use Of Steroids To Help Cure Kidney Diseases

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I. Introduction
This paper will discuss the use of steroids as medication to help cure kidney diseases. First, we will discuss the purpose and function of the kidneys and why they are important. Second, we will go over what steroids are and how they can be used for medical purposes. Third, we will see how steroids can be used to help cure kidney diseases and what diseases can affect the kidney.
II. The Purpose the Function of the Kidneys
Kidneys are some of the most important organs in our body. The kidneys’ main function and purpose is to filter blood and to expel any waste material, also known as urine. The kidneys are attached to long canals called ureters that transport the ...view middle of the document...

Without the kidneys, out body would fail and become overloaded with waste and excess water, which would eventually lead to death or to other serious health complications.
III. The Use of Steroids for Medical Purposes
In the modern medical world, there are many uses and types of steroids. There are two different types of steroids, corticosteroids and anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are the most commonly known of the two steroids and are used for things like treating muscle loss in cancer patients and to spur late puberty. Anabolic steroids replicate male sex hormones and as a result can be used to grow muscle at an excelled rate. Unfortunately, anabolic steroids can also be used as performance enhancing drugs for athletes to help grow muscles and to become a better player without much work.
Corticosteroids are steroids that are commonly used for medical purposes. They can be used for a number of different illnesses and reasons, and some of the most prominent uses are for reducing inflammation and to treat autoimmune diseases. This can be applicable in cases of asthma when airways become inflamed and begin to reduce and restrict airflow. Corticosteroids can help by reducing that inflammation and thus making it easier for those with asthma to breath. Corticosteroids can also take the form of a drug called Prednisone, which is a disease of the kidney in which the immune system attacks the kidneys. As a result, the kidneys cannot do their jobs properly without a drug to help them.
IV. Steroids and Minimal Change Disease
Minimal change disease is a disease of the kidneys where the immune system attacks the cilia in the kidneys. Minimal change disease got its name from the lack of differences between a normal kidney and a kidney affected by minimal change. However, minimal change disease is a very serious disease if gone untreated. The disease is more common in young children than in adults and those who get minimal change disease can have complete remission, or a total eradication of the disease, but still have it come back later in life.
Minimal change disease is a condition where the immune system begins to attack the kidneys and the cilia in the kidneys, thus preventing it from properly doing its job. The cilia in the kidney helps block things in the blood stream that are not waste, like blood cells and protein and helps the things that are considered as waste to move out of...

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