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The Use Of Symbols To Express A Theme

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The Use of Symbols to Express a Theme
John Steinbeck, in “The Chrysanthemums” expresses the theme through the use of symbols. The events in “The Chrysanthemums” take place in the Salinas Valley and focuses on Elisa Allen, her loneliness, and her attempt to communicate with others. In this story, Steinbeck uses various symbols to express the theme, which states that true communication must flow in both directions. The most important symbol in the story, the chrysanthemum, strongly expresses the theme as it represents the story as a whole. Additionally, the specific characteristics of the flower themselves symbolize different events in the story.
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Later in the story, Steinbeck describes the chrysanthemums in Elisa’s garden. After reading the description of the chrysanthemums, we automatically notice that the characteristics they possess are similar to those of Elisa. In the story, Steinbeck has Henry Allen, Elisa’s husband, comment on the size of the chrysanthemums. Henry sees the chrysanthemums and states that they are a “strong new crop”. To this she agrees. He later comments on the smaller size of some of the other organisms in her garden and how he wishes that they could be larger like the chrysanthemums. In this section, we get the sense that the chrysanthemums are the strongest, healthiest, and biggest plants in her garden. Instantly we sense the connection between the chrysanthemums and Elisa. Elisa, like the chrysanthemums, has strong and healthy characteristics. Additionally, Elisa and the chrysanthemums are the only things in the story that have common characteristics; therefore it is safe to say that the chrysanthemums symbolize Elisa.
The petals of the chrysanthemums are symbolic as well. Steinbeck relates this symbol to major occurrences in his story. The chrysanthemums have been raised and nurtured by Elisa, stand tall and strong, and are “10 inches wide”. The chrysanthemums are giving all they can and are the biggest they can be. Steinbeck relates this symbol to Henry and Elisa’s relationship and the interaction between the salesman and Elisa. In the beginning of the story we see the condition of Elisa’s and Henry’s relationship. We first see Henry “…talking to two men in business suits”. We get the sense that Henry is a hard working man and is greatly involved in his work. After making a business deal with the men, Henry walks over to Elisa to inform her of the deal he has struck. During this section, Henry and Elisa have a brief conversation about her garden. Still obsessed with business, Henry reverts to talking about his deal. Henry makes plans with her to go into town and celebrate the deal. He promises to take her as soon as he “bring[s] those steers from the hill”. In this section, we see that Elisa and her husband, Henry, do not enjoy a good relationship. They communicate on a basic level, without much intimacy. Henry, according to evidence in this section, appears...

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