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The Use Of Technology For Teacher Professional Development

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Prior to this decade, best practices for technology as a component for professional development/in-service training didn’t exist to the extent that it does today. In education, the term “best practices” refers to a shorthand emblem of serious, thoughtful, informed, responsible, state-of-the-art teaching (Zemelman, Daniels & Hyde, 2005). Because technology is rapidly evolving in ways that encourage innovation and discovery, best practices that were appropriate for the traditional classroom are no longer feasible with a new generation of students that are raised in a “tech-savvy” society. In order to prepare educators to meet the needs of students from the millennium generation, professional development and in-service training has to include technology to meet the demands of the 21st century. Professional development refers to formal and informal learning experiences and processes that lead to deepened understanding and improvement of practice (Broad & Evans, 2006). The use of technology for teacher professional development can be categorized in three ways: a delivery system that provides information to improve pedagogy and content mastery, a focus of study that develops teacher’ abilities to use specific tools, and a catalyst for new forms of teaching and learning (Gaible & Burns, 2005). One of the most primary elements in the process of professional development is educational change (Villegas-Reimars, 2003). As changes occur in our educational system, teachers must learn about the best practices in relation to integrating technology into the curriculum through because the use of technology is essential in classroom instruction and professional practice.
Professional development opportunities are available for employees in the New York City Department of Education (NYCDOE). Educators can go onto the NYCDOE’s website to access any information regarding in-service training and professional development. In-service courses are offered as a part of the Afterschool Professional Development Program (ASPDP). This program allows educators to sign up for “P” credits that can be used towards obtaining salary differentials and maintaining a professional license with the required 175 professional development hours. Within the course catalog, there are opportunities for educators to enroll in online, blended, and traditional face-to-face classes. The topics and content range from studying to the arts to perfecting best practices within the content areas. In addition to ASPDP, educators can go onto ARIS Learn to receive professional development, which supports teachers with online courses, webinars, videos, and tutorials. Another avenue for teachers to receive professional development is...

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