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The Use Of Technology In Criminal Justice

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In this current generation, technology is steadily becoming a major asset to our future in a wide range of areas, and has been embedded in our lives currently to the point of being close to a necessity. In Criminal Justice, the use of technology has proven to be of tremendous help in many areas of the field. The incorporation of the computer systems in criminal justice tremendously has improved the general communication between agencies as the new methods of transferring information among departments. In addition, it has become much more resourceful and efficient in that it is much simpler to acquire the data at a more rapid rate, hence, speeding up the time it takes to prevent or solve ...view middle of the document...

As this information entails data form of information, it was sufficient information for the police officers on patrol on the streets to gain what they needed off of it (DISPATCH Magazine On-Line, 2010). During the early 90s, the presence of mobile data applications was renowned as being inside delivery vehicles that handled cargo. This system also became prevalent in the public arena, as its appearances were through the presence of mobile phone, pagers, and personal data assistants (PDA). A long time would go by before this medium of technology would “go public” through the offers of mobile data services to customers throughout the United States.
Using mobile data has over time become a great deal of fascination to some, for others total dependency has taken place where this is seen as a necessity feature. Emergency services, Law enforcement and medical personnel’s depend greatly on this medium of communication service. It is also quite amazing that with the amount of traffic that this technology handles each day this wireless data application can transmit from one user to the others device in just a few seconds, and not be limited or averted because of great distances between users.
The apparatus that allows still graphic or video images of an individual who also has the capacity to match images amongst databases within the criminal justice system is known as the facial recognition device. This device matches and compares facial features of imageries as it records and compares specific features of one’s facial structure such as the general size of one’s face, their eyes, nose, or mouth and analyses it within the system for a contrast. The system will proportion these features to attempt to locate the closest match. The device is so meticulous in its diagnostics techniques, it will also compare the areas around the cheekbones, sides of the mouth, and the area surrounding the eye sockets (find BIOMETRICS, 2010); and too will analyse the graphics of the skin features that have been captured digitally. This system is termed “analysis of skin texture” that delineates facial lines, spots, likely, the arrangements or patterns of an individual’s skin and carries on to measuring the total distances between each of the acknowledged features on one’s face.
Through this routine of advanced technology analysis, it has been established to increase the results and have hastened the procedure of identifying suspects of crimes. Facial recognition is also necessary for public involvement and observation as it also aids law enforcement officials to more easily zone in on possible suspects of a crimes being caught. With the use of facial recognition, it constantly has been proven quite an effective method with the incorporation of this technique.
The automated Fingerprint Identification System is also known as the AFIS within the law enforcement division (FBI, 2010). This system is an important element in the criminal justice system as some of its...

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