The Use Of Technology In Teaching English

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1 Background
Technological improvement has gone hand-in-hand with the growth of English and change the way we communicate and learn. Moreover, the way of teaching English has also been modified from time to time as information are easily gathered and shared from all over the world. The widespread of internet, e-mail and others, is beneficial for English educators as the accessibility to teaching sources, media, techniques, methods, and assessments are abundant and can be easily gathered from anywhere at anytime. Since traditional way of teaching has been viewed to be irrelevant with recent improvements of technology of information and communication (Suryadi, 2008), educators are encouraged to make use of technology development in English classroom teaching-learning process.
However, in Indonesia the awareness of the use of technology in teaching is still as low as the availability of technology-based teaching media (Wahid, 2008). Although 90 % of senior high school and 95% of vocational school already have computer facility, only 25% of senior high school and 20% of vocational school that have internet access (Mohandas, 2003) for teaching and learning activities. In addition, most of the English teachers in Indonesia would rather using book as it is cheaper and more available than multimedia or technology that is considered expensive (Perkasa, 2011).
Whereas, multimedia and other technology devices have useful effects for language learning because of richness and authentic comprehensible input they can provide (Brett, 1995; Egbert & Jessup, 1996; Khalid, 2001). Several research on the use of video as one of multimedia offered strong evidence that video can give the students exposure to an authentic visual learning environment (Stiles & Orsmond, 2002:47) and an authentic language environment (Xiaoning, 2007). Recent findings mentioned that video can make students more interested in the language and motivate them to learn (Hruby, 2010).
One of the techniques in using video as teaching media is applying video annotations. Video annotations is a technique of video presentation which includes “clipping,” or the selection and naming of specific segments of video from longer videos in order to emphasize parts of videos which is important (Bossewitch & Preston, 2011). According to the dual-coding theory by Paivio (1971):
“..when pictures are added to the meaning, the number of signals connected with the message increases. Viewers then will be more probable to keep the message in mind.”

That is the reason why annotations are necessary to give the students complete aspects of the language; the picture, the sound, the words, and the context when the language is used. With the aim of creating an effective learning process with a limited time, the use of video annotations will be the best choice.
To sum up, the use of video as teaching media in English teaching is very useful. In order to find how the students’ respond to video with...

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