The Usefullness And Differences Of Search Engines

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Search engines are a vital research tool for anyone trying to find information on the Internet and Google is considered to be the most popular at performing this function. A number of search engines are available on the Internet; however, each of them has different characteristics that make them more or less desirable for different types of searches. There are a number of reasons as to why Google is so popular among the searchers on the Internet and other companies that would like a share of the Google market must try to improve on these characteristics. Other companies that currently have search engines should take note of the success of Google as a search engine and improve upon the basic Google concept of how they search and how they present their web page. Google is a very successful search engine that owes its success to a very reliable search logic algorithm, good interpretation of data and simple, but useful web design.The goal of every search engine is to be able to provide information that is relevant to the user. Relevance is the single most important factor to the success or downfall of a search engine; after all, if someone is going through the hassle of searching for something on the Internet, they probably don't want to be swamped with things that don't even come close to what they were looking for. Google does a good job at providing its users with relevant information that pertains to the intended search. The mechanism that allows Google to provide relevant information is a complex logic algorithm, which was developed by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, two Stanford University engineers.The algorithm that the Google search engine utilizes is unique and has distinct advantages over its competitors. Many search engines use a 'spider robot' to search the Internet. A 'spider robot' is an algorithm that searches for keywords and then ranks the sites by number of times the keyword appears or by the prominence of the keyword within the text of the page. This type of logic can produce mixed results for the person wishing to gather information about a particular topic because some web pages purposely exploit this type of logic. By placing common Internet search words within the text of a page, sometimes invisibly because the text is the same color as the background, web pages can increase the number of visitors to their sites. Another type of search engine logic that is used by other search engines is to rank pages based by keyword and then further rank the pages by how many other pages it shares links with. This system is easily manipulated also. There are web groups that are set up to allow people to create reciprocal links between each other to generate more web traffic.Google uses a unique logic algorithm, which looks for keywords, looks for links and then analyzes the links to gauge relevance. The links are analyzed based on the credibility of the pages that are connected to it. For example on Google a search for President George W. Bush...

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