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The Uses Of Interpersonal Communication In House M.D.

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Throughout the eight series of House M.D., the unique working style of Dr. Gregory House is what creates the unique interpersonal relationships that the critics and audiences reared about. Every episode featured some amount of conflict, whether it was with his boss, best friend, or a patient. While House typically know for a self-obsessed, narcissistic personality throughout the series, he manages to maintain a series of key relationships with his boss and his best friend.
House’s most prominent interpersonal relationship throughout the series is with his boss, Dr. Lisa Cuddy. When the series begins, the viewer learns she had to make a critical decision on House’s behalf after he went into a coma due to major muscle damage in his leg. Cuddy’s decision to take House’s side and remove the dead muscle instead of amputating his leg is the root of their relationship. House mainly interacts with Cuddy via means of conflict in the hospital. During a diagnosis, House commonly uses a unorthodox and extremely risky procedure on his patients. These procedures require permission from Cuddy to be done but House commonly goes against her precautions and performs the procedure anyways often causing a lawsuit against the hospital. To the other members of staff, House and Cuddy’s relationship is very unprofessional, consisting of Cuddy having the clean up the mess that House creates from his unusual practice.
Later in the series, House confesses his love for Cuddy just after she became engaged. Cuddy calls of the engagement, leaving her fiancé to begin the initiating, exploratory, and intensification relationship stages with House. This relationship is not unlike others and requires a considerable amount of compromise to reach the stable stage. Cuddy works to find a way to manage House in the workplace while still dating him, per Human Resources request. House ends up compartmentalizing the relationship treating Cuddy differently based on work and personal scenarios. This action pushes the relationship into the declining stage due to a time of even greater conflict when House lies to Cuddy by forging her signature on a...

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