The Uses Of Job Analysis

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Organization today are depending more on their human resources. The challenge will increase with the continuous changes brought about by the technology, business process re engineering or value chain analysis, competition due to globalization and the fluctuating economy. Thus, human resources managers need a good understanding of work and how it is organized to ensure that the organization's strategic business objectives are being supported. Job analysis provides the foundations for this knowledge.The goals for this study are to review the uses of job analysis. Besides that, it also explains the purposes of job analysis and describes the common methods for obtaining information about job content. It also lists the stages in the job analysis process and how they are developed.After reading this part of the study, you should have a solid understanding of the importance of job analysis in strategic and human resource management. In particular, you should know how to choose the right job analysis technique for a variety of human resource management.2. DEFINITIONJob analysis is the procedure through which you determine the duties of these jobs and the characteristics of the people who should be hired for them. The analysis produces information on the job's activities and requirements. This information is then used for developing job descriptions and job specifications (Dessler, 2005).Jackson and Schuler (2000) states that job analysis refers to the process of describing and recording information about job behaviours and activities. Typically, the information described and recorded includes the purposes of job; major duties or activities required of job holders; conditions under which the job is performed; and competencies that enable and enhance performance in the job.Job analysis can be defined as the process of collecting information about two basis issues: What the job entails, and the knowledge, skills, abilities and other requirements needed to perform the work (Michael Harris, 2000).Job analysis also can be defined as obtaining information about jobs. Generally, job analysis involves collecting and recording job information, checking the job information for accuracy, writing job descriptions based on the information, using the information to determine what skills, abilities, and knowledge are required on the job and updating the information from time to time (Fisher,, 1990).French (1986) states that job analysis is the systematic investigation of job content, the physical circumstances in which the job is carried out, and the qualifications needed to carry out job responsibilities. The categories of information usually obtained in job analysis include what activities are performed; the machines, tools, or equipment used; what interactions with others are required; the physical and social working conditions; and the training, skills, and abilities required on the job.3. THE PURPOSE OF JOB ANALYSISSchultz and Schultz (2006) state that the...

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