The Uses Of Sound Waves Essay

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The Uses of Sound Waves Thesis: Sound waves are able to carry vibrations through a medium
which results in the transfer of the energy collected in the
vibrations. Transverse waves are vibrations which are at right angles
to the wave’s direction of travel whereas longitudinal waves are
vibrations along the line of wave’s direction of travel. These waves
have a quantifiable speed, wavelength and frequency. Owing to these
properties, sound waves have scores of uses.

Introduction: Human ear is capable of hearing sounds with frequencies
of about 30Hz – 20 kHz. Sound waves are able to travel best through
rigid solids rather than through liquids and gases. However, human
ears have got accustomed to sound waves passing through air, so are
able to hear various things. The loudness of the sound is based on the
incoming waves’ amplitude whereas the pitch of the sound is based on
the incoming waves’ frequency. Musical instruments work by building up
regular vibrations like in the case of strings, skins, tubes of air
which results in the surrounding air vibrating with the same pattern
causing melodious music.

Analysis: Usually sound is absorbed by various objects. However, in
some cases, it is reflected which more commonly called as echo. When
sound strikes soft materials, it is absorbed. Such materials that
absorb most of the energy of sound waves are called sound insulators.
This property of the sound is beneficial to geologists to locate oil
reservoirs. It also helps in tracking earthquakes and to find out how
earthquakes travel through different kinds of rocks and magma.

Ultrasonic waves are those sound waves which are of every high
frequency with short wavelengths. Though human ear cannot feel or
recognize it, it has many uses. Sonar which is an acronym for Sound
Navigation Ranging is used to find the depth of underwater as well as
for oceanic explorations. The sonar devices are capable of sending
short pulses of ultrasonic waves through the water. When these waves
collide with the sea floor, some of them are absorbed. However, some
of the waves are reflected back to the ship in the form of an echo
which is detected through receivers helping researchers to get
information like the exact depth of the ocean, etc. It is also used
for military purposes especially in submarines.

Ultrasonic waves are also beneficial for cleaning intrinsic jewelry,
parts of machineries as well as electronic components. Some innovative
ideas are to clean dirt from items in the bath with the usage of
ultrasonic waves. Another most common usage of ultrasonic waves is for
medical purposes which are predominantly known as Ultrasound. This is
used to remove stones from the kidney. The usage of ultrasound
replaces complicated...

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