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How will animal research tell us the outcomes of the human body? How can we live longer and healthier lives with the use of animals? Do animals have a link to the human body that we are able to prove that trying new drugs or new cosmetics will be a benefit for us? I disagree. I believe we test on animals to figure out what are the possible outcomes for humans; however, the use of animals is cruel and unnecessary because they do not have a similar body system as humans do.
We use at least a millions animals such as: mice, rats, rabbits, primates and even household pets like cats and dogs (Animal Testing 101). Many of our drugs that we tested on animals have not been approved for humans, yet so many animals died or suffer from many different experiments done to them (History). The human population should not be the one to rely on animals for our health concerns. I say, as human we should rely on humans and on our own aspects. These animals that we use to do research and test on for medical purposes have been changing throughout history since the BC era. Gandhi once said “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judge by the way its animals are treated” (Animal Testing and Medicine). If the human society does live up to what Gandhi said, then we should have a good moral value. I agree with Gandhi statement, many animals are tested on, have been in cruel situation and so on, but testing on animals is wrong choice. Our moral value does not revolved around these animals, no, they revolved on the new drug or new treatment that come out every year.
However, there are many pros and cons about animal testing for example, some of the pros would be, that animal testing gives us the most accurate effect on substance on a living organism, that its a way to check the safety of new drugs before putting it out to the public, and that it can and will reduce human harm and save even more lives (The Pro's and Cons). Now for some of the cons would be like, after we have tested on animal we would euthanized them, some are wounded really badly and some might die during the testing, they live in captivity and so much more. Also these animals are kept in unnatural conditions which can cause changes in behavior and appetite (The Pro's and Cons). If the animals we are using to do experimentation on have these changes, they can have a different reaction to the new drug. Not everything that we test on animals will help the human population because the animal's body system is very different than to a human body system thus the new product or drug may not be beneficial for us.
Some argument about animal research is how it is good for us. Animal testing has been helpful for those needed treatment and also came up with new cures like tuberculosis, typhus, and the function of our neurons (Benefits Pro-test: Standing up For Science). At the University of Washington, the Board of Regents have now just build a building underground and order more animals to be...

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