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The Use Of Ict Essay

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The Use of ICT
The rapid rise in the development and use of electronic technology in
recent years has affected communication system to a marked degree. At
Manchester airport electronic communication systems are being
increasingly used and the Airport has introduced computer system and
electronic equipment to improve both internal and external

Electronic Communication Methods used at Manchester Airport

Computer Reservation System

Contain information on customer details, availability of tickets,
flights and accommodation.

Computer Network

Staff can access other computers or one central computer within the
same network. It is possible for information to be centrally stored,
such as advanced booking figures, so that other users can access this
information. Also computer systems are also used to analyse customer
comments, allocate check-in desks, and to provide a range of
management information and statistics.

Airport Management and Operations Support System (AMOSS)

AMOSS is the only airport-wide IT system, which has been specifically
developed for Manchester Airport. It is used to record details of all
flight movements at the Airport.

Flight Information Display System (FIDS)

FIDS assembles information from AMOSS for distribution to the many
staff and public display screens in and around the Airport. In the
terminals this information is displayed on the monitors showing
departures and arrivals times.

Public Address System

These are used to give information to passengers and employees on an
as hoc basis or on programmed basis to communicate.

Access Control Systems

These are used to ensure only authorised personnel ate given access to
various parts of the Airport.

Programmable Logical controller

This moves baggage form the check-in hall to the sortation hall.

Baggage reconciliation System

This is a security system that allows a positive check to be made, to
ensure that if a passenger checks in with baggage the passenger
actually boards the aircraft.

Baggage Sortation IATA Code Reading

This is a different system to baggage reconciliation and an approved
global industry standard for baggage labelling and sortation. It
provides for a unique barcode of each piece of luggage.

100% Hold Baggage Screening

A security automatically checks each and every piece of baggage for
suspicious objects before it is loaded onto an aircraft.

Planned Maintenance System

This is used to control work, both planned and reactive of engineering
maintenance staff (over 200 in number) employed by Manchester Airport
Aviation Services (MAAS), as well as the activities of various sub
contractors for building maintenance, cleaning, and window cleaning
and insurance inspections.


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