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The Use Of Imagery In The Princess Bride By William Goldman

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In The Princess Bride by William Goldman there is a love so strong not even death can take it away.
When you think of a princess you may picture a girl with a lavish dress on and a crown full of jewels on top of her head, but not in William Goldman’s The Princess Bride. The readers encounter just a regular girl from a family that was never royalty, and who is always thinking of her one true love who was once thought dead.
The use of Imagery is seen in William Goldman’s The Princess Bride when the author tells about when he did not like to read, The Zoo of Death, and The Cliffs of Insanity.
When readers read a story written by an author they will usually think that the author likes to read books and is what led the author to writing a book. William Goldman said, “As a child, I had no Interest in reading” (Goldman 3), this can lead readers to imagining the author as a young child rather than an adult not wanting to read a book. When Readers imagine the author as a young child the image imagined can give a better sense of how the author felt as a young child. The imagination of a child giving the reader a picture to think about is less complex than that of a adult giving a reader a picture to think about.

The Zoo is ever child’s dream of seeing strange animals that they have never seen before, but this zoo is like no other. “It was kept with things he could hunt, and it really wasn’t like any animal sanctuary” (Goldman 60). The zoo of Death as the zoo is called is full of the most exotic and dangerous animals for Prince Humperdinck to hunt. Prince Humperdinck is the main reason the Zoo of Death was built in the first place. There is no known animal that has ever survived once they have entered the zoo. The Prince has always loved to hunt, which he now is the best according to the prince himself. The Zoo of Death has five different levels. The first level has animals that are very fast. The second level had animals that where strong. The third was for poisonous animals. The forth was for animals that where very fearful to other people besides Prince Humperdinck himself. The fifth, however, had nothing in it. “The Prince constructed it in hopes of someday finding something worthy, something as dangerous and fierce and powerful as he was” (Goldman 61). Prince Humperdinck thinks himself as the best hunter because he has hunted, and killed almost every animal in the world known to man. The Prince has grown tired due to him excelling in hunting animals that are said to be better than him. In about the Middle of the book, he finds an animal so like and unlike himself that he takes the animal prisoner in the fifth level. The animal is a human, his Fiancé’s one true love, Westley, also know as the Dead Pirate Roberts.
When on a boat ride you may see cliffs and think those look very scary who would ever want to go near them. The cliffs that are being talked about are known as the Cliffs of Insanity in The Princess Bride by William Goldman.

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