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I was trapped. Trapped where you may ask? Well … it’s a long story. Two days ago I sat on my living room couch and was completely bored. I thought of what I could do for the evening to pass the time. I watched TV, and played computer and X-box too much and I wanted to do something new. I thought to my DS and my Kirby game my uncle gave me for my 12th birthday, four months ago. I never opened the game because I thought it was for little kids and wanted to stick to Street Fighter.
I walked down the hall and opened the door to my room. I rummaged through my stack of DS games and it seemed as if it wasn’t there. Where did it go? I thought to myself. I sat down for a minute and thought of where it might be. I remembered that after my birthday party, when all of my relatives went home I took the game and threw it into the garage. I decided to look there next.
The garage door squeaked as I opened it and walked inside. I had no idea of where the game was, but I felt drawn to a bin in the corner of the garage. It was a big bin that was blue and was missing a top, one I’ve never seen before because I don’t go into the garage often. I peered inside of the bin to see old magazines and books that were collecting dust. As I dug through the dusty bin my hands felt a plastic case, and I pulled it out. ‘Kirby Superstar Ultra’ is what it read on the case. “Yes!” I said. I was very eager to play the game since I had nothing better to do. I took the game to my room and opened it up. I turned on my DS, and put in the game, and then it started to load. When it loaded up I put it on the easiest mode, and then lights started flashing across the screen. I stared at the screen for a second, feeling almost hypnotized. Then … I blacked out.
When I awoke, I had no idea of where I was. Everything was pixelated, too colorful, and had a retro game feel to it. I tried to look around, but I couldn’t. I could only look forward and backwards, and was as flat as a pancake. “What is this place,” I said aloud, just within earshot of a queer little orange fellow, who had only one giant eye on his face.
“You’re in Dream Land,” He answered.
I twirled around to face the odd creature and said, “Dream Land? Like in that Kirby game?”
“Did you say Kirby? Anybody who knows him or says his name is an enemy to me.” And with that he started to shoot laser beams at me through his one eye.
I gasped, as the beams started streaking by. As I drew in my breath, a large amount of air was sucked in, as if I was a vacuum. The orange cyclops struggled to keep his ground, but he was sucked into my mouth. I swallowed him (by accident), and a staff appeared in my hand. “Hmmm ... what is this?” I said. I waved it around and shook it a bit, and then a laser beam shot out of it. It landed just a few inches from my feet. “I guess that when I swallowed him I inherited his abilities.” I said.
As I kept going on my adventure, I saw many different types of creatures that weren’t very fond of me. Enemies that...

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