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The Validity Of Massively Open Online Courses

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The rapidly advancing innovations in technology have lead to many changes in the way things are done in the world. One innovation has been the usage of the internet for educational purposes. Many schools nowadays give the opportunity for students to take online courses. There are even some schools that take place exclusively online, such as Connections Academy, for K-12 schooling. I attended this school for the seventh grade, when I lived in Ohio. It enabled me to be able to complete most of my course work at any time of the day, and even work far ahead of schedule. Online courses in general allow students from anywhere to be able to further their education, only requiring electricity and connection to the internet to be able to learn. A further innovation that is somewhat more recently developed, are Massively Open Online Courses, often shortened as MOOCs. These courses are generally completely free to access, with all course materials stored online. MOOCs generally have about the same rigor of an accredited course, but are not always themselves accredited, due to the relatively easy ability to cheat during exams. Websites that host these MOOCs include some of the most prestigious institutions; edX being hosted by Harvard and MIT, Coursera by Standford University, and Iversity based in Berlin. Some of these courses offered have the availability for accreditation, though this is not offered for free, as identity must be verified and the exam must be proctored in some way. Completion of courses without accreditation offers a certificate that is mostly paper and nothing more, as workplaces would often not consider something so informal. These classes are considered massive because their class size can often get extremely high, as with one of Iversity’s current classes, The Future of Storytelling, with the class count at around fifty-thousand students, and rising every day. These students are from all around the world, and more students can easily join at any point during the programs run. These...

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