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The Importance The Majority Culture Place On The Values Of The Minority Culture Determines How That Culture Lives Within Society. Discuss Concerning Aboriginal Australia.

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The majority culture does play a significant role within regards to how a minority culture will live within society. I agree strongly with this position as in Australia the so called "majority culture" does impact and alter the way in which the "minority culture" will live; in this case the Aborigines in our society are dubbed the "minority culture".A culture incorporates skills, arts, beliefs and customs passed on from one generation to another.The "majority culture" in Australia is perceived to be the rest of the citizens living in Australia because we cannot clearly distinguish a "majority culture" as we are a multicultural society. This term is used to express the customs or values the majority of the population have within that nation, in less formality it means the customs and rituals that can be considered "normal" or the "proper way" by the majority of citizens.However, in our situation the "majority culture" would be more appropriately used if we were referring to the European people in which inhabited Australia many years ago. They were the ones that transformed the Aboriginal lifestyle more dramatically.Aborigines who are the indigenous people of Australia make up the "minority culture" as they are have been separated from the "majority/main population". They have different values and beliefs in which they uphold. Therefore, making them inconsistent with the how the "majority culture" lives.A society is described as "people as a whole" in the dictionary. A society is based upon the general beliefs and attitude of the people within the nation. It is how humans co-exist together sharing a common ground/ how we relate to each other. A society is established upon what the majority culture find acceptable.The majority culture does place an importance on the values of the minority culture and can determine how that culture lives within society. This will be discussed in the following ways:How the English (majority culture) came to Australia and changed the way the Aborigines lived according to their (the English's') customs.How in modern day society even if Aborigines wanted to practise their culture they are forced to live in outback/ rural areas because our society does not accommodate for their needs.How Aborigines are forced to live in communities, as they have not been fully accepted by society and the living conditions they have to endure as a result of that.The English landed on Australian land in 1770 and found that people, the Aborigines, inhabited the land. There was a large culture clash between the two ethnic groups because of the differences they had. However, the Aborigines were not as forceful and violent as the Europeans were. As described in the book by Anne Barlett (The Aboriginal peoples of Australia) "Most Europeans looked down on the Aboriginal people because they didn't have farms, clothes, or books like the Europeans did."(Pg 14) This line indicates the immediate disliking the Europeans had to the Aborigines just...

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