The Value Of A Dollar Essay

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Value of a Dollar
Ask each student individually to select the correct coin out of a jar. Then the student must tell you how much each coin is worth.
CHOSEN COINS Students Answer Yes No
Fifty Cents

VALUE OF COINS Students Answer Yes No
Fifty Cents

Performance Assessment
This assessment is an example of a performance assessment that could be given to children in kindergarten or first grade. This paper will discuss what characteristics of the student assessment makes it reliable as well as what motivational factors are included that will encourage students to want to succeed.
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Students will find motivation when completing a performance assessment because this type of assessment provokes students to put more thought into their answers making this assessment more motivational then multiple question or true or false questions. Younger students will find performance assessments more enjoyable due to the one on one interaction with the teacher. Students in the earlier years of school want to please the teacher and will like the instant gratification from answering a question correctly. This can help to boost students self esteem and confidence within the classroom setting.
Paper-pencil assessments are easier for teachers to grade and do not take up as much time as performance assessments. However paper-pencil assessments will be a challenge to some in the lower grades and will make it harder for a teacher to understand where all the students are at academically. When giving a student a performance assessment this will also allow the teacher to know if the student understands the question...

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