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The Value Of Art, Craft And Design In The Primary Classroom

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The Value of Art, Craft and Design in the Primary Classroom

This rationale is going to discuss the value of art, craft and design in the primary classroom. I am going to emphasise the importance that art and design has, within the primary curriculum. I will also emphasise, how my resource pack promotes the value of creativity in the primary classroom.
The teaching of art and design has many benefits, one main benefit is that it promotes children’s creativity. In today’s society we live in a world run by technological modernisations, creativity is a critical component; human skills and people’s influences of creativity and imagination are substantial resources, in a knowledge-driven-economy (Robinson,2001,2009). It is essential to understand, just exactly what creativity actually is. Creativity is described as a ‘state of mind in which all our intelligences are working together’ involving ‘seeing, thinking and innovating’ (Craft,2000:38), also defined as a ‘creative imaginative activity fashioned to promote outcomes, that are both original and of value’, (NACCCE, 1999:29).
Art has a distinct role to play in children’s learning, in that it feeds personal creative exploration, which will primarily impact children’s wider accomplishments, ( Driscoll et al 2012).Art, craft and design are about culture, a quest for meaning through making and reflecting, (Penny 2002). My resource pack allows children to reflect on issues, affecting their everyday lives in particular the issues regarding, our environment.
Art and design provides alternative methods of communication for children, giving them confidence to communicate through a range of methods, (Kress ,1997 in Driscoll et al 2012). The Plowden report (1967, in Herne et al,2009) states that art is both a form of communication and area of expression, where feelings can be expressed freely, across the entire curriculum. My chosen activities will enable children to communicate through the use of photographs, and use subject specific terminology when communicating with others. Bamford (2006)believes ,that children are born aesthetically knowledgeable and they captivate into the arts, before they can voice their understandings. For the majority of children art can provide them with a means whereby they are able to reconstruct experiences they have had (Barnes, 2004). Art, craft and design require space, time and the freedom to explore, experiment and for all children to engage within learning, across the curriculum. However not many decades ago art was believed to be for gifted and talented children, nowadays the majority of children are regarded as being creative (Barnes 2004).
Educators aim to furnish young children for life in a rapidly changing society, where they can be original, responsive and rewarded, (Desailly 2012). In my recent school experience, I worked alongside a small class of special needs children, who all had severe needs and the use of art and design was one of the most commonly used...

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