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The Importance Of Diet And Nutrition

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The Importance of Diet and Nutrition

A child's diet and nutrition is a growing concern. Parenting is one of the most difficult jobs in the world, and often times parents struggle just to get their children to eat. Most parents assume that as long as their children eat something, it is fine to let them eat what they want. The wrong approach to food can give children mixed messages about proper nutrition and lead to serious problems later. Parents are solely responsible for children's poor eating habits.

"Children today, more susceptible than any to propaganda, are eating an increasing amount of sweets, lollipops, crisps and refined carbohydrate food." (Mount 23) To know what children are eating these days, one must simply watch Saturday morning cartoons. Children are targeted by advertisement after advertisement with bright colors and toys. From sugary cereals to new and improved cookies, children decide the types of food they want to eat from commercials and select those products when grocery shopping with mom or dad. With fun characters and special toys in every meal, fast food restaurants lure children in. Though children may be taken in by advertisements, their parents are the ones who buy the products and ultimately have the power to say "no." Parents unfortunately do not take a stand. They give in to avoid temper tantrums and get their children to eat something, but more lies at stake than a public scene. "Sweets, lollipops and crisps with the help of television advertising have eroded what innate good nutritional sense remained... and the stage is set fair for widespread subnutrition." (Mount 67)

A movement away from fruits, vegetables, and grains towards fats and sweets has become increasingly evident in children's diets. Parents do not realize that although their children eat, they may be more malnourished than children from poor families because of "...wrong food choices, calorie excess, nutrient disproportion and even vitamin mineral deficiencies when packaged and processed food replaces real food. " ( Environmed 1) Packaged food often times lacks valuable nutrients that were lost during processing. "In affluent countries, the children's food supply tends to be the most processed and chemically contrived of any age group." (Environmed 1) This increase in processed food has affects on the development of children.

Children need balanced diets, rich in nutrients, to grow and develop properly. The increase in processed foods has left its mark both physically and mentally. It can affect school as well as home life by causing numerous side effects. According to the Environmed Research Inc., children may suffer from tiredness, headaches, stomach aches, and ear infections due to poor diet as well as hyperactivity and moodiness. Obesity is a growing concern. "School children are heavier today than ever before." (Mount 213) Parents must use this knowledge as incentive to better their...

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