The Value Of Honor Essay

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The Value of Honor
     There is a priceless respect that everyone in the world possesses, and that is the
respect of a person’s honor. A person’s honor is something that can not be bought, sold,
or traded it’s something that must be gained by the respect of your peers. An example of
how honor is seen in everyday life in through a persons word. A persons honor is
supported by their word, and if they do not uphold their word then they are left with
     To try and explain the personal trait of honor is something that can not be done in
a few words, or a sentence. I feel as though honor is made up of different combinations of
personal traits depending on the individual. Some of these characteristics of honor can
include loyalty, reverence, respect, and commitment. Even though honor is usually looked
at as being a personal trait, there are people who think that honor can only be given, or
shown to an individual. Such examples of this can be seen by being presented with a
medal, or having a parade thrown in your honor. This is all a horrible misconception of
the word honor.
     A time that honor is displayed more often than any is during a time of war. This is
evident through feats of valor, and heroism. Looking at this aspect of honor I feel as
though a person who would fight and die for their country would have more loyalty, and
commitment to presenting such honor. Such commendations are awarded in the armed
forces as a medal of honor. This medal is awarded to an individual who is on active duty,
and distinguishes themselves during a conflict or battle. The medal of honor was first
awarded during the civil war in the year 1861. Since the medal of honor’s creation there
has been some 3,400 medals awarded to the different divisions of the armed forces. Until
this day there has only been one woman who has received this honor for her service.
During World War II there was a black medal of honor awarded for extraordinary heroism
in the face of combat.
     The next instance that I feel honor plays a big role in is in the presidency of The
United States of...

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