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The Value Of Literature In Education

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As students circle around their teacher, ready to hear a story they may believe that they are getting out of work. What the students don’t realize is they are actually learning, just in an indirect way. This means going beyond the giant textbooks and moving into books students can connect with. Literature plays a dynamic role in the classroom from aiding learning in different subject areas, developing critical thinking skills and teaching moral lessons.
Before I started taking my principles of elementary math class I never would have thought about the fact teachers use literature to aid learning in math. In my class, we examined the use of children’s picture books as a resource ...view middle of the document...

By using historical novels it can make history a student’s favorite subject because they can step into the time period they are studying. A wonderful example of this is The Diary of Anne Frank. By the time students are old enough to read subject material of this level they are around the same age as Anne when she wrote her famous diary. By reading novels like this students are learning about World War II and the conditions within Nazi, Germany. Students at this level of reading also start developing critical thinking.
No matter the subject that literature is used in it helps develops the important skill of critical thinking. I remember hating when my teachers assigned book groups in school. I always felt it was a waste of time and I did not realize how helpful they were. Being able to have a discussion about a book requires the student to think about the book in new ways. This also gives an opportunity to have something pointed out that they would not have noticed. The students have to think about the questions they are being asked and think beyond the surface of the book or Sparknotes. In this way, literature develops students ability to think for themselves and not rely on one person’s opinion because it just easier than actually doing the work.
By developing critical thinking skills through literature students will be able to face problems in their own lives and be able to see an idea or a solution. Teachers are setting their students up for success because they are looking beyond just the requirements of the curriculum and thinking about their future. No one is too young to start developing critical thinking and it is easily hidden within literature. When a teacher ask a question after they read aloud it is because they want their students to analyze what they have just read. This could even be reflected in the teacher having a project where the students take a part out of a book; and then have the students expand on what that person must have been thinking. This also leads into them being able to read two different novels and compare and contrast the stories. All of the parts develop into a well-rounded critical thinker. Developing these skills not only helps with whatever career they choose the students will also be able to appeal to a wider range of employers.
What is the moral of the story? This is a popular question I remember getting asked in many different classes growing up. Within stories, students learn life lessons that expand their horizons that they maybe wouldn’t have had the opportunity. By hearing a story they can realize the importance of brushing their teeth in a way that does not feel like another adult nagging them into doing something. The students want to hear from people they can connect with; and a book character is the perfect person to learn from. Students are able to look at...

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