The Importance Of Psychology In Children In Sports

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Coaching and mentorship
Participation of children in sporting activities relies on the content the media presents. The media give prominence to sports but with a degree of bias. Among the most conspicuous sports in the world today, as portrayed by the media is football. Such television channel as super sport providing more prominence to different football leagues across the world. While such portrayals are essential in motivating children into participating in the sport it deters the development of other sports in the society thereby denying children who lack talent in the sport effective opportunities to hone their skills in other types of sports. Children or youth participation in sports is fundamental owing to the myriad advantages that such participations present to the children, personality development if one fundamental psychological feature that participation influences. However, the media portrayal limits the development of effective personalities in the children owing to the fact that the media limits sports and athletics by giving prominence to specific types of sports.
Participation and success in sports relies on an individual’s talent. Talent refers to an innate potential that people exhibit from childhood. Coupled with interest and effective training talents turn into life sustaining professions. Children participation in sport is important since talent discovery at such early ages help develop successful careers in sports. Personality influences performance in sports, mentorship of children helps influence the development of a desirable personality a feature that thus influences the productivity of the children in sport even as they grow up. Sports are strenuous activities that require both dedication and discipline, children trainers must therefore strive to develop appropriate mental states that will help motivate the children participating in sports to hone their skills progressively.
Mentorship and coaching are therefore two interrelated yet vital aspects in children’s participation in sports since they influence the development process of the children. As explained earlier, effectiveness personality development is commensurate to the performance of children and the subsequent development of the talents as the children mature into adults. Mentorship refers to the process of developing appropriate mental state in the children in order to influence them to appreciate sports (Gardner, 2007). As such, mentors provide the children with a realistic view of the industry thereby motivating the children to take up sports both as a profession and as a part time activity. Mentors in sports often include both established and retired sports people who lived successful lives enjoying the benefits of sports. Such people act as role models to the children who seek to emulate their performances.
Coaching on the other hand is an equal important aspect of talent development that refers to the actual training of the intricate features...

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