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The Value Of Risk Taking Essay

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Risks are essence of life. In the beginning, they are our instinct. Risks are the essence of life. In the beginning, they are our instinct. We learn to crawl despite the bruises on our knees and elbows. We learn to walk despite the many falls we endure. But as we get older and gain a greater consciousness of the world around us, somewhere along the way we are presented with failure. At that point, we begin to fear the pain of failure and try to eliminate most risks from our life. However, where would we be without our sense of exploration, our willingness to and to try new things despite the pitfalls that await us? The saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” That attitude is characteristic of all great thinkers and innovators in our society.
It is easier to say than doing. I am also among people who are hesitant to take risks gladly. I usually stay in my comfort zone where I feel comfortable and easy. However I am constantly summoned to step outside of my comfort zone when I took Earlham Seminar “Who Dunnit?” In the first book assigned, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Covey instructed us how to be proactive by changing the way we see to the problems. Changing our perspective is taking a big risk for me. It is not easy to change our views of others in a moment. However, when I started to follow his instructions by seeing from different viewpoints, I begin to “see” more than I ever could. I become to see what others’ stand points and desires. When I see others’ weaknesses, I begin to see them with compassion, not judgments or accusations. I begins to see that the issue is not what they’re doing or should be doing. The issue is how I respond to the situation and what I should be doing. Paradigm shift taught me that I am responsible for my own effectiveness, happiness and most of my circumstances.
Moreover Covey made a matrix to show in what we should invest our time in his book. From his opinion, we should spend more time in Quadrant II where activities are not urgent but important and spend less in Quadrant IV where most time wasters dwell. Spending most of our time in Quadrant II is a huge step into discomfort zone because we usually spend our time in other quadrants where we have pleasant activities and we are required. I usually spend my time in Quadrant I and IV. I respond to emergent crises and deadlines when they show up and spend most of the rest of my available time in Quadrant wastefully. When I start to focus most of my time on planning ahead for my future, I begin to see its benefits. It slowly reduces Quadrant I problems I probably would face in the future and my career goals and lifetime goals becomes clear. Instead of wasting my time on video games and TV shows, I start to spend more on...

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