The Importance Of Structure, People, And Politics In Projects

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Relative ImportanceIntroductionIn project management, there are many different aspects to ensure that the project at hand will be successful. Using the all of the available resources will play a detrimental part in completing the project on time and successfully. Some of the aspects to achieving the project are the structure, the people, and the political arenas. Having a well laid out structure to insure will ensure that all deadlines are meet. Using the right people for the job will make sure that the deadlines will be met and the work will be done properly the first time. Finally, making sure that all the political aspects have been covered to make sure that the project does not overstep its bounds. Using these three aspects of organization will help ensure a successful project.StructureThe structure portion of a project is probably the most important part of undertaking a new project. The structure is what the superiors are going to want to see to make sure that they can have confidence in which they have put in charge of the large project. If the superiors cannot have faith in the person whom they have put in charge of the project then they may need to reconsider some new personal to take over the project. The structure also entails all of the deadlines to meet. Deadlines are the probably the most stressful portion of the structure part of a project. They give the project manager aRelative Importancetimeline for when certain portions of a project should be completed by. If there is any deviation then it alerts the project manager as the whether his team is ahead or behind the schedule. When a project is behind schedule, there may be the need to take steps in the next portion of the project to speed up the process. If a project is ahead of schedule 9 times out of 10 it is favorable to the project. However if there is a multi-portion project that are all supposed to converge at a certain time then any deviation from the plan early or late could cost the company time and man-power. For example, if there is a software upgrade and there is three different software's that are to begin communication on a certain date and two of the software's are upgraded to communicate and the third is not then the programs may not function correctly costing the company time and money.PeoplePeople play a large part in how a project is going to be implemented. Having the right people on a project team will determine how soon deadlines will be met, how smoothly an upgrade or installation will go, and even how people will get along. When determining who will be on the staff of a project there are many things that should be...

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