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The Value Of Trees Essay

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Trees are usually considered as bland, unusual objects that are usually taken for granted; however, I believe there is more to a tree that meets the eye. They supply oxygen and shade. During the holidays, trees are able to spread holiday cheer by wearing holiday decorations. Through providing, they are always beneficial to the needs of others. Rather than having striking beauty like a flower, trees have are grounded and possess a gentle beauty; they are adapted wildflowers to their environment. In fact, if I had to compare myself to an inanimate object, I would choose a tree. A tree has many characteristics in common with me. Characteristics like relying on our roots, strength and observation, and helping others and leaving behind a powerful legacy are a few of the traits we share. All of which I believe are admirable qualities to possess.
First, a tree begins life as a tiny seed embedded in the Earth, but with time and nourishment it grows. I too, started life as a small sapling and continued to grow. Along with growth, roots begin to develop. Roots are essential for a tree’s survival. They provide the tree with nutrients in order for it to survive, just as my mother provided me with nutrients and instilled in me skills I use today. The development of roots requires time and dedication. The tree must be exposed to sunlight and water. Sunlight gives the tree energy, and water saturates the roots forming them deeply. Deeply formed roots are able to stand throughout all the effects and actions of nature/environment. My roots are my faith and my mother. Simply having a relationship with Christ stimulates root growth. The full development of my roots occurs when I have devoted my time to saturate them by studying His word and depending solely upon Him. Some people are like leaves and every time the wind blows they fall somewhere new; a leaf’s life has no stability. Others are disguised as branches. When the moment of truth or test of trial comes; they break. However, there are few roots. My mother is a root; she provided me with life, extra faith, strength, encouragement and love. She doesn’t worry about being seen nor does she broadcast everything she does for me. Roots are always there. They give strength and support beyond what the natural eye can see, but if the roots weren’t there, the tree will surely die. Trees can have thousands of leaves and hundreds of branches, but it only needs a few roots to keep it strong and full of life.
Secondly, a tree possesses a calm, hidden strength and observes subtlety. Since we are not arrogant about our strength, we can provide a peaceful atmosphere. Our unique, quiet strength gives us the power to bend and not break....

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