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The Values And Attitudes Of Jasper Jones Noots Essay

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Jasper Jones Noots

Throughout the novel Jasper Jones the understanding of the context, influences the response to the text ideas. By understanding the context, it allows the reader to understand why things are the way they are in the novel. This essay will explore the understanding of the context and how it has influenced the reader’s response to the text ideas by using the characters from the novel Jasper Jones.

Context is a part of a text or statement that surrounds a particular word or passage, and determines its meaning. The novels context includes setting, time/year, and background etc. The text ideas include racism, betrayal/secrets, teenage life, family, and friendship. In this essay I will explore the ideas, racism, and family.

The character’s Jasper Jones and the Lu’s encounters the text idea racism throughout the novel, this is due to the context. Jasper Jones is an indigenous aboriginal teenage boy whose parents aren’t around to care for him. His father is a drunk and mother died in a car accident, Jasper is frowned upon by the town and seen as ‘the other’. The context influences the text idea. Racism affects Jasper because of the time the novel Jasper Jones is set, in a small mining town which are usually very discriminating if you don’t fit into they’re norm (White Australians.) The time the novel is based is the 1960’s, during that time aboriginals didn’t have rights, and racism wasn’t frowned upon. Jasper basically brought himself up, if the novel was set in today’s era, Jasper would’ve been taken in by child protection. Because it was in the 1960’s authorities weren’t as strict and because he was aboriginal, white Australians didn’t acknowledge him.

The Lu’s family are a Vietnam family who live in Corrigan, they’re only son Jeffery Lu is a young Vietnamese boy, who is bullied and downsized by the locals. The family is greatly affected by the Vietnam War; they are classified as ‘the other’ in the town. The Lu family is affected by the text idea racism and this is due to the context. In 1960’s the Vietnam War was taking place, at that time Australia saw the (migrated) Vietnamese people as the enemy. The Lu family was affected by the war because they were Vietnamese and the town saw them as the enemy, this was demonstrated when the town held a meeting in the miners...

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