The Values And Beliefs, Which Underpin Contemporary Mental Health Nursing In Scotland

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The aim of this essay is to discuss the values and beliefs, which underpin contemporary mental health nursing in Scotland. It will also express why these values and beliefs underpinned by Scottish government policy and legislation are significance in reinforcing contemporary mental health nursing in Scotland. The three main themes of discussion in this essay are:
Person Centred Care
Promoting Recovery
Promoting Safety and Positive Risk Taking
Throughout this essay, each theme includes sub-topics also discussed in detail. Referring back to evidence based practice (EBP), policy drivers like Rights, Relationships and Recovery (RRR) and Scottish government legislation, such as Mental Health (Care and Treatment) (Scotland) Act 2003. These documents are the framework, which are essential in order to support the standard of care offered to each individual using mental health services in Scotland.
The definition of person centred care is to include an individual receiving treatment in all aspects and decisions of both their healthcare treatment and recovery care plan. The Nursing and Midwifery Council (2008) state that nurses should ‘make the care of the people your first concern, treating them as individuals and respecting their dignity’. In 2012, the Scottish government introduced The 10 Essential Shared Capabilities (10 Escs) It has been created to promote and reflect on progressing policy and legislation to improve person centred care, values and beliefs in Scotland. Person centred care is a driving force not only within mental health nursing but all nursing. Whilst the service user and the nurse build a therapeutic relationship and develop a care plan, which is to the service users owns specific needs and wants. It ensures that the service user is satisfied with the level of care and treatment he she is receiving. Often overlooked by medical and nursing staff is that the service user is the expert on themselves, their illness and their behaviours associated with their illness. Unless a service user is asked what he or she think and feel about a treatment or intervention how can it be possible to treat them appropriately, as each individual does not always show the same behaviours although they may have the same condition as another service user. In the promotion of person centred care, it is essential to ‘collaborate with those in your care’ (NMC 2008). As well as working in partnership (10 Escs) to develop and preserve positive working connections, with each person involved in the care of the service user including the service user themselves. To be able to work in collaboration a nurse must employ the skill and ability to explain their specialist role in the care and furthermore communicate clearly with all members of the multidisciplinary team as well as the service user and their family. The Mental Health Strategy for Scotland: 2012-2015, initiated by the Scottish Government in 2012, is intended to run until 2015, the document has...

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