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The Vampire Slayer Essay

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The stiff body stood ridged and unwavering. He wasn’t moving and neither was I. My pistol was secure and firm in my small, steady hand.
My gaze never left his. Both of us waiting for each other’s move.
His move? To run.
My move? To kill. I needed to be quick and clean.
A bead of sweat slithered down the side of my face. My body felt tense. My eyes caught a twitch of the pale, fleshy hand.
I pulled the trigger in the blink of an eye. An ear piercing howl echoed in the large manor. I didn’t bat a lash when I ended the outcry.
“Two bullets…” I sighed and shook my head. I hated wasting ammo on vermin. I rolled my eyes and reached for my walkie-talkie.
“MTA here. Target has been terminated. ...view middle of the document...

The stench in the air engulfed me in relief. I hauled my bag over my shoulder and sauntered out.
I am a Slayer. A Vampire Slayer that is. I’ve slaughtered newborn vampires for most of my life. I lived a regular childhood for the most part but once every child is of age in the Slayer society, we begin training. Our society is gated away from others for security reasons, of course. We are distributed all around the world. We keep people safe from dangerous creatures, such as vampires, all over.
There are other societies who take care of the werewolves, witches, etc. Each needed to keep this world in order; each equally important.
I drove through the pouring rain singing Float On by Modest Mouse when my phone buzzed in the cup holder. I pushed the green button on the screen.
“Hey, Gwen. You busy?” I chuckled at his bored voice.
“I’m actually on my way home, Robin. Want me to stop by?”
“Yeeees! Gwen, babe, dude, bring some food, I’m starving.” Robin pleaded. I laughed out loud at his choice of words.
“Mmm… we’ll see. Kay. Driving. Gotta’ go. Love ya’. Bye!” with a click the phone call ended. I drove my pickup up to the gates. The security guard stopped me, took a good look at my face, and waved me off.
I stopped by Robin’s for a few, made him food and watched a movie, then hurried home.
Robin was also a Vampire Slayer. We met our junior year and became sort of inseparable since. He’s been my best friend for forever.
I flopped on my bed tired and exhausted. My dad walked in the messy room and sat on the bed next to my feet. His cologne hit my nose.
“You’re going out?” I yawned. I scanned my room lazily. Band posters, drawings by friends and myself hung around the cream colored walls. Cute patio lights were nailed around the ceiling giving the room a comforting feel. Homework and dirty (and clean) clothes were spread about and shoes were messily shoved in the corner. I’m a mess. My guns and knives were all packed under my bed, one under my pillow, a few hanging in the closet, and I think maybe there might be one shoved in the desk drawer. So disorganized…
“Yeah, the guys invited me out for a drink, so I might be home a bit late.” He patted my head.
I pushed his hand away....

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