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What is the theme that we are focusing on tonight? Well for those of you who haven't been paying attention, the theme is "UNDER THE BRANCHES OF GOD'S LOVE"! In other words, more simply put, the theme is love. Now when one thinks of the word love, what comes to mind? Well the Oxford English Dictionary provides us with a few different definitions for this word.

In the context of a verb it describes that love is

To like someone or something very much

In the context of a noun however, it portrays love as

An intense feeling of deep affection

A deep romantic or sexual attachment to someone

A great interest and pleasure in something

A person or thing that one loves

So!!!… it is very clear that we are here tonight to understand God's love and its meaning and importance in our lives as we prepare to meet our maker and king in the clouds of heaven.

Now moving on quickly, as we all know there are 4 main categories of love mentioned or implied in the Bible. First of all-, we have the PHILIA love which is brotherly love or love that exists between close friends. Secondly-, we have the EROS love which basically pertains to the passionate love with sensual desire and longing. In other words, for those of you who don't understand what I'm talking about, it is referring to the sexual or erotic love! (and attending a Christian university as this one, I'm sure that we've already been taught that this love is designated for and only for those who are married. Can I get an Amen!!! Im looking at that gentleman right down there!! Can I get and amen sir??!!). For those of you who are in that special relationship, are you in it for the right reason??!! Or are you in it just for that sensual love. Well if you are-, the relationship will not last!! Only God, the creator of love can sustain and keep you together! Its not how much skill you have, it has nothing to do with all that love you have in your heart for that girlfriend or that boyfriend - Can I Get A Witness!! You can have all the romance in your heart for each other-but the devil can still get in there and create havoc!! You need a third party, a higher power, His name is Jesus. There are only so many romantic dinners you can have, only so many things you can do to get that flame going again. You need something more than gimmicks to keep you together!! What you need to do is get wrapped up and tangled up in Jesus. And for the ladies before you get too comfortable, you need to know some of us guys will do anything to get what we want. But what I'm trying to say is… don't give in to the temptation no matter how hard he tries, talking about we need to do this, so we can express our love to each other, we need to do that so the relationship doesn't get boring. But hey!! Ive come to tell you tonight that beyond...

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