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The Various Elements Of Marketing Essay

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Definition of Marketing is,
“Marketing is the management process responsible for identifying, anticipating and satisfying customer requirements profitably.” – CIM Definition.
Definition of Marketing Process is,
“Business function and management skills. It requires planning, analysing, resource allocation, control and investment, skilled workers and other physical resources” – Edexcel Business study guide. Therefore, the various elements of marketing is the Boots Marketing Mix.

The various elements of marketing process that Boots adapts

According to Boots UK that Boots promotes family values and the marketing process is to find Boots customers’ needs and wants then find the necessary ...view middle of the document...

S, Europe and far eastern countries. Pharmaceuticals medicines are available to doctors, drug stores and hospitals worldwide.
Promotion: Slogans such as “Trust Boots”, “Three for the price of two” and “Here comes the girls” boosted the awareness of the Brand and the stores. Offer money saving vouchers on their brands when customers spend in the stores for certain amount, draw customers to spend more time in store. Advantage card means that Boots can analyse their customers’ needs, wants and demand. Hence, able to supply the product and increase their revenue. Promotion can be targeted to individual segments. If any part of the segment’s sale is declining or not getting recognition from the target group then promotion will draw attention to the particular segments. Promotion can add further reduction to the products price and increase the sale. More sale will results in more revenue.

Cost and benefits for Boots

According to Boots UK that Boot’s marketing orientation is to provide what customers’ wants. Boots offer prescription and clinic, health information, eye care, photo printing & editing service and information & support for parents. They provide range of products from different companies such as for cosmetic: - Garnier, L’Oreal, Nivea and for pharmaceutical products: - GlaxoSmithKline group, Centrum, Benelyn. These products have prices set by their company. Boots offer their own products which are same as the branded versions but for more affordable price with promotional offers for advantage card holders. Boots offer customers the opportunity to compare the prices under a same roof and make their own judgement. The benefit for Boot is more new and existing customers will come to the stores. Boots target their advertisement on advertising their brand name and let their potential customers know the promotions on wide variety of products. Even though they let the customers aware of the services that they offer, they always promote their Brand name . Therefore, the cost of the advertisement is less than the cost for advertising each of their product.
Desired quality: Boots adhere to the government legislations and constantly perform spot checks on their suppliers to retain the quality.
Customer satisfaction: Boots offer affordable price. Customer might chose Boots over supermarkets If a customer only wants to buy a certain product which is also in Boots and do not want to share the Pay booth with other customers with big trollies. Also, customers prefer to come to store and buy all their health and beauty products from Boots brand and other brands under a one roof. Once customers’ expectations are met then customers are satisfied.
Service and customer care: Boots focus on customer care since their concept is customer-centred. They provide necessary training for their staffs to obtain customer service skills to provide high quality customer care.
Customer retention and Relationship marketing: In 1997, Boots introduced Advantage Card....

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