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The Different Types Of Love Expressed By Pre 1914 Poets

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The Different Types of Love Expressed by Pre-1914 Poets

These 3 poems are completely different to each other. Porphyria’s Lover is obsessive and violent love, How Do I Love Thee? Is more of an undying love and the poem Remember is more like truthful

In this essay I’ll take each poem and in a sentence or two explain the
type of love that each poem demonstrates. I’ll also use quotations to
show each of my poems shows a different type of love.

The poem Porphyria’s Lover portrays the type of love in a sexual and
passionate way.

In the poem Porphyria’s Lover a man is speaking about the woman he

The love portrayed in Porphyria’s Lover is different than in the other
poems because in this poem the man kills the woman so he can take
control over her forever this is demonstrated here, ‘I found a thing
to do, and all her hair In one long yellow string I wound Three times
her little throat around, And strangle her’ with this sentence the
poet means that the man killed the woman so that he can take control
over her forever.

I think that the man killed the woman so that she could never fall in
love with someone else and that the woman would do what the man wants.
I don’t think that the poem suggests that relationships are loving
because he still killed her if it was love he wouldn’t kill her. The
poem Porphyria’s Lover is a perverse love poem because he killed her
and he wanted her just for himself and to use her for sex. Also I
don’t think that Porphyria’s Lover is a love poem at all because the
poem is just telling us how much the man loved the woman and what he
would do just so she would be with him forever the man even kills her
so that he can control her so I don’t think it’s a love poem because
love poem is about true love not about a man killing his lover so that
he can control her. Porphyria’s Lover is also a depressing poem.
Porphyra’s Lover is a poem wit 8 rhythm in each sentence.

In the poem How Do I Love Thee? The type of love portrayed is pure,
everlasting, spiritual and infinite this is demonstrated here, ‘and,
if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death.’ This is
telling us that the woman will love her lover even more after death if
its god will but in the poem Porphyria’s Lover the man kills the...

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