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The Various Religions In Africa And Religions African Americans Preach

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The Various Religions in Africa and Religions African-Americans Preach

My assignment is to write about the various religions that are situated in Africa and religions African-Americans preach. There are many different religions in Africa because there are various regions and countries in Africa. Also Africa and its inhabitants have been around for many, many years. One reason that there are so many different religions.

The first and most widespread religion I am going to talk about is Christianity. Christianity was introduced into Northern Africa in the first century. It later spread to the regions of Ethiopia and Sudan around the fourth century. Christianity was able to survive in Ethiopia because of the Coptic Church but in other areas, Islam became more popular. Christianity was introduced back into Africa with the rise of European overseas expansion in the fifteenth century.

Christianity penetrated into Africa on two different channels, the first by the Evangelist St. Mark to Alexandria. From there it spread to lower Egypt and then to Theibad, Upper Egypt and Nubia. It also penetrated b Roman soldiers and merchants. These people brought the Gospel to Carthage where it soon spread to Proconsular Africa, the Byzacene province and Numidia.

Unfortunately, Christianity in Africa was constantly under the attack of schism and heresy. Many groups who did this were the Gnostics, Monophysites, Arians, Pelegians, Manicheans, Novatians, and Donatists. These groups divided and enfeebled Christianity. Protestantism has, and still makes considerable efforts to further their religion in Africa. Almost every country where there is a major Protestant population has taken part in missionary work in Africa. These nations are Germany, Norway, Sweden, England, Holland, Switzerland, France, and The United States of America. From Germany, many people of the Berlin Missions traveled to the Orange River Colony, Griqualand, the Transvaal and many other places including the Togoland, the Goldcoast and also the Zulus. The Swedish are established in the Italian colony of Erythracea and the Norwegians have an important mission in Betsileo. The English though, have had a long history of missions in Africa. Some of the more important ones are: The London Missionary Society, which was established in 1795. This church was primarily felt in South Africa with Moffat and Dr. Livingstone. Also was the Universities Mission Society, which was based in Zanzibar. The French Protestants were successful in the Northeastern Cape Colony, and in the French Congo where the replaced the American Presbyterians in 1892. Lets not forget America though; the Methodist Episcopal Church, The Baptist church and the Presbyterian Church are all in Africa from America. The Methodists began the colony of Liberia in 1820 but was only able to establish a permanent Bishopric there until 1858. The Baptists have missions in Monrovia, Sierra Leone, Liberia and Lagos. Presbyterians are very...

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