The Various Ways In Which European Man Has Benifited From Marco Polo's Travels. Covers Most Of Marco's Life, And Many Ways Which Europe Has Benifitted From It.

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Marco Polo EssayEssay Question: Discuss the various ways in which European man has benefited from Marco polo's travels.In the vast field of exploration, no single European has made such a great contribution as that of Marco Polo. He had seen places that Europeans have only discovered in the last Century, he travelled further than any of his predecessors, and explored many places throughout Asia, and learnt of many different cultures, all which he recorded in his journal, which later became a guide for later European travellers.Marco Polo was the son of Maffeo Polo, born in 1254, in either the Curzola trading outpost, or Venice. His father and uncle, Niccilo Polo, were also explorers, which greatly influenced Marco's life. At the age of six, Marco set out on a journey to Cathay, now China, with his father and uncle. Many years later, they returned to Venice, to find that Marco's mother had died. About two years later, the three of them set out once again, to Cathay. During this journey they passed through many foreign lands, and met different people. Marco learnt much of the different cultures, traditions, technology and safe paths to travel, during this time. They travelled through Armenia, Persia, Afghanistan, the Pamirs, and along the Silk road to China. In 1275, they finally reached the capitol of Kublai Khan, in Shang-Tu. This journey had taken three years, and was a distance of around 5600 miles.Marco had eventually become appointed to high posts in the Khans administration. He was sent to many places by the Khan, including China, Burma (Madagascar) and India. Most of the places he visited were not seen by other Europeans until centuries after his passing. During Marco's long stay at the Capitol, he wrote down many things about Kublia's capitol, ceremonies, hunting and public assistance. He was fascinated by all these things, but he was most interested in the technologies that they used. These were paper currency, coal and imperial post.After a hefty seventeen years, the Polo's began to realise that Kublai Khan's time was short, and that if he were to die, they would not be able to get all the gold they had aquired throughout the past years, out of the country. The Kublai Khan gave permission for them to depart, on the condition that they would escort a Mongol Princess to Persia to get married. This journey took about two years, and when they arrived in Persia, they heard news of the Kublai's death. After much travelling along the Black Sea, and Constantinople, they arrived in Venice in 1295.Marco did not reveal what he had seen on his journeys to anyone, until one day, during a battle with the neighbouring city, Genoa, he was captured by the enemy, and had to spend a yearr in prison. His fellow prisoner, Rustichello of...

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