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The Varying Types And Uses Of Drones

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“A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle(UAV) is an aircraft without a human pilot.” They aid in not putting soldiers lives at risk from potential enemy. These aircraft’s can be small enough to fit into your pocket and large as a three story apartment building. Performance depends on mission the power, engine type, speed, endurance, weight, and altitude. Technology is advancing drones have capabilities of having a camera for surveillance, missiles to shoot a target, GPS satellite for coordination, and ability to stay in the air for hours at a time with minimum use of fuel. Are drones effective as we would like to think? Is more harm being done than good? Verification of an attack such as civilian population, collateral damage, and identifying was the target actually destroyed, these things are hard to evaluate.
The incredible beast who's commonly known as drone became successful because of, “Abraham Karem.” His motto is, “if you design the best you can then you are going to get performance by design”. In 1980-1983 the first prototype “Altruist” was built. The engine/ propeller were placed in the rear, so they wouldn't interfere with the sensors in front, the inverted tail is still visible. Altruist was built from scratch in his garage. A go-cart engine was modified to burn one tenth a gallon of fuel in one hour. Altruist soon evolved to Amber a fifth-teen foot long, twenty-eight foot span UAV with thirty-eight hour endurance.
Karem had a team of three people and their design later became known as the predator. He was awarded by congress access to Airspace system for his design of the drone. Which is now a prize possession to the military, the technology involved is absolutely genius. (GA-ASI) general atomic aeronautical system inc. constructed the (MQ-1 Predator) drone. This particular model “Powered by a four-cylinder rot-ax 914 piston engine, Australian motor, and goes eighty-four miles per hour the wings stretch fifty-five feet nine inches”.
Middle of the last century during world war II, it took months to assemble intelligence from a variety of sources. Whether it be air borne or on the ground that information had to be evaluated. That would take more time to determine which targets need to be hit, in addition hundreds of air craft had to be used. Thousands of bombs were being dropped to attack a target using the information that had been developed over a period of months.
Man spy planes bring risk for human lost, in 1960 a pilot by the name of Frank Powers was shot down while flying a U-2 aircraft over the Soviet union. Mr. Powers went to prison in Russia for more than two years. Which also created a major need for unmanned aircraft. 1960's & 1970's the planes weren't successful they crashed before missions were completed. Pilot's used a parachute to deploy the aircraft this was before GPS the planes controlling system was radio signals.
Unmanned aerial vehicle or UAV's are hard to classify. Job function, performance, mission,...

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