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The Veiled Lodger By Sir Arthur Conan Doyle And The Lamb To The Slaughter By Roald Dahl

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In the stories The Veiled Lodger by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and The
Lamb To The Slaughter by Roald Dahl, both women murder their husbands.
Who do you have the most sympathy for, and why?

In the stories 'The Veiled Lodger' by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and 'The
Lamb To The Slaughter' by Roald Dahl, both women murder their

Who do you have the most sympathy for, and why?

'The adventure of the veiled lodger' is an epic tale of treachery,
murder, and deceit. Written in Victorian England, this mysterious
anecdote serves its purpose by solving the crime endowed by a
mutilated widow.

' Lamb to the slaughter' has a similar plot to 'the veiled lodger', in
that both of the main characters, the wives, murder their husbands and
appear to get away with it. This story is particularly ironic and has
humorous aspects to it. The story opens with Dahl leading us into a
false sense of security by creating a warm, friendly atmosphere with
phrases such as, 'warm and clean...curtains drawn...lamps alight'.
Dahl also uses phrases such as, 'merely to please herself with the
thought that each minute gone by made it nearer the time he would come
home...their was a slow smiling air about had a wonderful
translucent quality' to demonstrate Mrs. Maloney's apparent pleasant

The first Dialogue appears in the fifth paragraph with Mrs. Maloney
welcoming home her husband with, 'Hullo, darling,' he then responds
with an abrupt one-worded answer which immediately creates tension.
She then continues in her gratifying nature, making drinks, hanging up
his coat etc. Dahl then continues to denote Mrs. Maloney's affection
towards her husband, 'enjoying his company...luxuriate in the presence
of this man...the warm male glow...she loved him' The next sector of
dialogue shows Maloney's abruptness and brusque manner to have rapidly
increased; Mrs. Maloney enquires, 'tired, darling?' he replies,
'yes...I'm tired.' These short retorts show anxiety and anger. After
much enquiry about dinner plans, a one-sided conversation with Mrs.
Maloney, and a very agitated and snappy Mr Maloney, he finally decides
to take aggression with his wife, 'Sit down...just sit down'. Mrs.
Maloney now makes herself appear vulnerable by lowering herself
cautiously into a chair, Still being her pleasing self, Mrs Maloney
listens to her husband, he tells her, very selfishly, that he's
leaving her and that she shouldn't make any fuss as it would be very
bad for his job, being a policeman, and his reputation. She doesn't
want to believe it, to reject it, to ignore it; she goes to make
supper. She decided on lamb for dinner; so, back up to the kitchen to
cook it; Mr Maloney, now very irritated, turned to his wife and said,
'For God sake's... I'm going out' Mary Maloney, without thinking,
turned on her husband and hit him over the head with the frozen leg of
lamb. She killed him. Mrs. Maloney created herself an alibi. Acting
quite normal,...

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