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An eclectic is defined as “a person who derives ideas, style, or taste from a diverse range of sources.” I count myself as such a person, and in no part of my life is this more apparent than my friendships. Over the years, I have acquired a cadre of smart, steady and loyal comrades. However, they vary so widely in personality, taste, worldview, and background that it often seems I am the sole common denominator, and this is best demonstrated by comparing my friends Lynn and Mandy.
It seems natural to first look at their backgrounds. Mandy is 26, and a homegrown, hometown girl, always 'girl' for her, even in her mid-twenties. In her own words, “'Woman' is what my father calls my mother when he's harked off with her”. Born and raised just outside St. John's, she is part of a large, affectionate family that values 'hands in the soil' over 'nose in a book', and dreads phone calls from the bank. Lynn, on the other hand, is 32, was raised in Victoria, BC in a home both expensive and sterile, only child of professional parents who “never quite seemed sure when to feed me and when to pet me.”
Their personalities also present a distinct contrast. Mandy is flighty, spontaneous, a self-professed 'hippie', and wears happy like a hat. She moves from job to job, boyfriend to boyfriend, with the ease of a professional driver switching lanes. She lives for music, social interaction, and fabricating clothes, having completed a Costume Design degree at Dalhousie. I often refer to her as 'Maybe Mandy', as making plans with her can be the equivalent of holding a handful of water. Yet, when she does eventually show, it is always with a lighthouse smile and mischievous 'you know me' shrug. This is the opposite of Lynn, who is not a social creature. We spend most of our time together ensconced on the sofa with wine and quiet talk of life, love and literature. She is staid, reserved, proficiently organized and reliable; if Lynn is late, I start calling hospitals. A...

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