The First Battle Of Bull Run By Alan T

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The First Battle of Bull Run The First Battle of Bull Run was fought on July 21, 1861, in Virginia near Bull Run ( This was the first important battle of the American Civil War; it was fought between a Confederate army of about 22,000 and a Union army of about 30,000 men ( Bull Run was a battle fought by common men; citizens willing to give up everything for what they believed was right, and who had no choice but to trust their generals with their lives. The Confederate army was under the command of General Pierre Gustave Toutant Beauregard, while the Union army was commanded by General Irvin McDowell ( The First Battle of Bull Run, also known as the Battle of Manassas (, was not a large battle compared to those that took place later in the Civil war. The Second Bull Run Battle for example, had a total of 117,000 soldiers, which was more than twice the number of soldiers who fought in the First Bull Run Battle ( of the troops that fought at Bull Run would not have been capable of fighting and organized battle if it wasn't for their commanders. General Pierre Gustave ToutantBeauregard, the confederate commander, was an engineer, who distinguished himself in the Mexican war. General Irvin McDowell was a major who served under General Winfield Scott; McDowell was forced to lead the Union army at Bull Run even though he was not prepared ( The thing that led to this battle was the will the Union had to take Richmond, the Confederate Capital. The five hour long battle began when the Union and the Confederate troops faced each other for the first time south...

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