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The First Computerized Trauma Registry Essay

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Trauma Registry
A Trauma registry is a computerized database that comprises a wide-ranging demographics, injury information, and trauma outcomes. The collection of this information helps in the assessment of trauma care for set injured patients who meet certain standards for inclusion. Some of the information contained in this registry includes hospital-based trauma information and patient data from other health care providers which includes pre-hospital care and rehabilitation if applicable (Zenati).
The first computerized trauma registry was created in 1969 by the Cook County Hospital in Chicago which became the model for the state of Illinois Trauma Registry. This registry commenced to accumulate information from fifty chosen trauma center hospitals in the state in 1971. The early registries were stored in mainframe computers but in 1985 they began to be stored in microcomputers. Subsequently, many hospitals all over the world have established trauma registries. In the United States alone, there are thirty seven states that have a trauma registry. These registries comprise of information on patients treated in trauma centers (Nwomeh).
Trauma registries influence processes that enhance patient care. A trauma registry that designed well can help health care providers, legislators, and community health agencies to work together when it comes to trauma care. A unified trauma registry which follows a common set of standards delivers the best information system for a performance improvement process, which is an important requirement for trauma centers and systems (Nwomeh).
Even though the main source of trauma registry information comes from trauma centers, the data can be changed to fit regional, state, and national levels when each registry follows a certain set of common standards. The reporting of trauma center information to a regional, state, and national trauma registry is an essential role of an individual registry. In some states, this reporting is required by a chosen authority. However, in other states, this reporting is voluntary. Nevertheless, the combining of the individual registries into a larger database can be used for a wide range of purposes, ranging from epidemiologic reports to evaluating whether a trauma center is effective, and provide information on how performance can be enhanced. It can be used for these purposes because the data in the registries can be evaluated, trended, and linked to outcomes. In many institutions, the registries are at the core of their quality control inquiries (Nwomeh).
The trauma registry aids in improving performance by helping to scrutinize trauma system trends, by providing information on targeted information, and detecting injury trends by encompassing distribution b age, geographic location, cause of injury. It can also provide information for assessing the outcome of specific trauma entities; assessing whether care was provided in a timely manner, that adequate care was...

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