The First Miracle: Water Into Wine

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Jesus turned ordinary water into magnificent wine to be enjoyed by all while at a wedding celebration in Cana in Galilee. Many believe this wine; his first public miracle, to be the start of his ministry and a symbol of the New Testament. This paper will show this miracle was truly the start of a new era; the era of the son of God, Jesus Christ.
Jesus Turns Water Into Wine
Jesus turned water into wine for many reasons, reasons far beyond what anyone during that time could conceive. Why would Jesus perform this miracle? Could it have been to please his mother or the other guests at the wedding, or could it be a sign of the many miracles soon to come? This miracle surely proved to those who witnessed it that Jesus is the son of God, and the ultimate creator. It also marks the dawn of a new era, the Era of Jesus Christ.
The First Miracle
The story takes place in the town of Cana in Galilee. A wedding celebration was underway that Jesus, his mother, and disciples were all attending. On the third day of the celebration the wine has ran out. Jesus’ mother had taken notice of the lack of wine, and came to Jesus to voice her concern for the lack of wine. Jesus first seemed hesitant to involve himself, asking his mother why the matter concerned him. He voiced to her that his time had not came yet, and did not see why she wanted to concern him in this matter.
Jesus’ mother told the servants to do whatever they were told, and she left it at that. Jesus then gave instruction to the servants to fill six stone, ceremonial water jars to the brim with water. After the jars were filled the servants were instructed to draw some of the water and take it to the master of the banquet. When the master had tasted the water that had now became wine, he marveled over how the best wine was saved until last; unlike most ceremonies where the good wine was used first, and then the watered down wine was served last. This miracle was the first of many more he performed, and garnered the disciples’ confidence and faith in Jesus, thus marking the dawn of a new era (John 2:1-11).
A Real Miracle
Jesus’ first miracle was not likely his first; however it was likely his first miracle performed in public. His mother had great confidence in him that he would have a solution to the problem at hand. The wine has simply run out before the celebration was over. The people all wanted more wine, and she was confident Jesus could provide that. This leaves one to speculate that Jesus had performed miraculous things before, possibly in the privacy of their home but not in front of the general public (O’Day,1995).
Many scholars over the years have debated the concept of Jesus’ miracles. They argue that these feats were not possible and should not be believed based on testimony alone. Professor Charles Taliaferro thinks that turning water into wine is a miracle that could not be accomplished without some sort of intervention from God. The wine would usually take several...

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