The First Of The Motion Media

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A film or a movie is an important art form .It reflects the cultures and at the same time influences them. Movies can have a powerful and strong effect on people. It is considered to be educational to the public in many ways that could help them in their lives. The word film is divided into many categories which include: animated films, documentaries and comedy films .When the film industry had it breakthrough it spread worldwide and it is now a multi-million business, but it had it struggles at the beginning. The United State of America, India, Egypt and Qatar are some of the many countries that have shown interest in this growing industry and how the movie culture has affected them is mind-blowing.
The film industry began its journey in the late 1880s when the first movie camera was invented. Before it had reached the high position it holds now as one of the most successful business on the planet earth it had many struggles and obstacles to conquer. One of the first struggles was that most people back in the day preferred the early television. Early television gave the public a chance to see live acts and performances. While on of the other hand, movies were only scenes recorded for weeks or months and edited and then given to the public. Movies were all about the effects and high quality of montages, but early television had the excitement of the stage. Since that time, many people showed more interest in the movie industry which was developing day by day. When movie houses were created, it allowed more people to get involved in the growing industry. At a specific time when the population was less than half of today, movie houses were selling more than 90 million tickets a week. Since that time the movie industry developed a system of shipping movies and playing them in movie theaters worldwide. That system allowed more people to get knowledge of other countries and try to develop their own movie industry .As an example for that we see the growing motion industry in some countries like India and Qatar. India is the largest producers of movies and has the highest number of sold ticket in the world. It have a huge number of production companies which produce over two thousand movies a year. One of the most known companies in the world is called Bollywood. Bollywood is known for its high quality and high budget movies.
As an Arab country, Qatar has developed in many different aspects. One of those aspects include movie making. In 2010, H.E. Sheikha Al Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani helped establishing a non-for profit cultural organization called Doha Film Institute (DFI). It is one of the first movie production companies in Qatar. In the past, Many Qataris thought it was against the traditions and their cultures to be involved in anything that was related to media like: television shows, movie and even music videos, but with time...

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