The Victims Of Bullying Are Not The Only Ones That Need Help

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Bullying, a loathsome and unsavory act, is widely seen in all aspects of life, but more particularly in school settings. It features an aggressor intimidating or tormenting a weaker person in one way or another. This act usually ends badly for the victims and leaves him or her in a vulnerable and pitiful state. Thirty percent of U.S. students in grades six through ten are involved in moderate or frequent bullying; as bullies, as victims, or as both (National Survey). Bullying is increasingly viewed as an important contributor to youth violence, including homicide and suicide. It is more prevalent among males than females and occurs with greater frequency among middle school-aged youth than high school-aged youth; children who are obese, gay, or have disabilities are up to sixty three percent more likely to be bullied than other children ( Sognonvi, 2009). The act of bullying, while objectionable and despicable, could be deeply rooted in psychological, social, and family issues.
A bully’s psychological problems can cause him or her to take their anger out on weaker classmates. Bullies often have a negative self-esteem and low social acceptance. They also may have previously been victims of bullying once before, thus provoking a low esteem and confidence. Their low self-esteem permits them to put down other people, to feel better about themselves. Watching another person who may appear weak and cowering can remind a bully of his or her own vulnerability and lack of acceptance from others. Lashing out on the victim is a way of unleashing their anger towards themselves or their past bullies. Bullying, to some, is another way of anger management.
They feel the need to physically or mentally abuse another in order to be content with themselves and to achieve a sense of entitlement or power that they long to feel. The bully gets relief from his own sense of helplessness by overpowering others.
A bully’s lack of social skills could be the main motivation behind his or her actions. By not knowing how to make or keep friends, a bully may be bossy, controlling and aggressive to get their way or even use bullying as a tool to become popular and powerful. Their lack of communication and problem-solving skills can also make them use physical, verbal or relational aggression to express their feelings. Some bullies also might not have assertive skills, making them use aggression as a way to get what they want or need. Bullies who are unable to interact or engage in normal communication with another are impaired in their ability to relate with, or maintain relationships with others. Wanting attention by bullying, though wrong, is the only way a bully knows how to express themselves. They either have never learned how to correctly do so, or were taught the behavior by family members. A bully’s immature social skills play a huge role in their behavioral problems. ...

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