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The Victorian Period: A Time For Drastic Change. Does Wuthering Heights Accurately Represent The Victorian Period?

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The Victorian period was a time filled with changes such as the women's rights movement, which drastically changed writing and the voice of women from that point on. Many changes in society both at home and out in the public made it so women had a voice in their everyday lives. With these changes, women were treated as equals among men, instead of being treated as servants, and their opinions were important. Thus the Victorian Era was a start of a period of significant changes which affected the literary world which now had the contributions of women.The Victorian era expresses the time of Queen Victoria's rule from 1837-1901, which was an era of expansion in culture, especially in society and politics. The women's rights movement was one of the most important events in the Victorian Era that affected literature. Barbara Leigh Smith Bodichan was one of the foremost founders of the women's rights movement in Britain. During this time, women were protesting their social status and fighting for their rights to be treated as equals among men and gaining the privilege to vote. People were finally taking the weight of their social responsibility, unlike the period before them, the Romantics ("Victorian Web").Among this period we start to see many social changes, turning events in the favor of women. Many important laws were passed giving women more rights and giving them a sense of control in their lives. The Child Custody Act of 1893, the First Married Women's Property Act of 1870 and the equal franchise act of 1928 were just a few of many laws passed that gave women a sense of control. For once they were not completely helpless, and they were able to live their lives without the need for a man. These acts gave women a right to take what rightfully belonged to them, and in turn they took hold of what they had and became active in society.The women's suffrage movement was also considered one of most important movements in all time. Not only did women have the chance to collaborate and protest, they showed the world that they were indeed capable people and the equals of males. They fought for their rights to have their voices heard and eventually won this right. With the gain of women's suffrage, women were considered equals in most aspects, and they became active in politics and contributed to society in a respectable way. With this new respect, women started moving out of the household and broke the stereotypes of housewives and breadwinners.One of the major movements in the Victorian period was laboring rights. Many laws and acts that were passed, such as the Child Labor Act, which restricted how many hours a child could work, and specified conditions made it so that children could attend school. In 1840, only about twenty percent of all children had any type of schooling. Many of the children worked 16-hour days under harsh conditions (Victoria Research). Political reforms put up many acts to restrict hours and wages and regulate the conditions....

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