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The Victorian Life In The Novel A Christmas Carol

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The Victorian Life in the Novel A Christmas Carol

There are many pictures that 'A Christmas Carol' creates and in this
essay I will show you all of them. This novella explores the many
diverse types of life in the harsh Victorian era. From the Rich cruel
citizens to the poor of poor like the Cratchit family.

One of the pictures portrayed in the novella is the fact that many
rich upper class gentlemen were not actually gentle men; in fact they
could be quite the opposite. He portrays the typically attitudes of
these upper class people in the Victorian era by creating Ebenezer
Scrooge. Ebenezer Scrooge is the focus point of this book because
Charles Dickens was tried to get across the fact that Victorian upper
class gentlemen were not nice to each other and did not help the
community enough, and only thought of themselves. This was exactly
what Ebenezer Scrooge was all of those characteristics and harsher. At
the start of the novella we encounter a description of Scrooge before
he encounters the spirits. In the book it even calls him a 'sinner'.
Scrooge is very cruel and self-centred, we see this in the book when
Bob Cratchit has to make a fire to warm himself with only on block of
charcoal which does not make that much of a difference when it is
below 0`C, but as Scrooge was so self centred and was so mad about
money he did not think that Bob Cratchit was cold all he could think
of was about how much money Bob was wasting on that one piece of coal.

Another Example of how Ebenezer Scrooge was thoughtless of how other
people felt was when he had a conversation with two portly gentlemen
about provisions for the poor and destitute, During this conversation
Scrooge asked if there were no other places for these people to go,
for example he wondered if there were no prisons open for them to go
in, this an example of how he thought. No good then just send them to
a prison or a treadmill; he did not think for a second that the places
there would have been so harsh and cruel that they would end up dying
there, an example of how he thought. If they are no good then just
send them to a prison or a treadmill, he did not think for a second
that the places there would have been so harsh and cruel that they
would end up dying there. The famous quote made by Ebenezer Scrooge
after he was the fact that many could not go to places like prisons
and treadmills and they would rather die was, 'If they would rather
die, they had better do it, and decrease the surplus population.' This
is a prime example of the fact that Ebenezer Scrooge did see people as
having feeling, all he saw were figures and did not care if 100 000
people died, he saw death as a credit to society, less people means
that there was more money, jobs and more space.

All this is changed when Ebenezer Scrooge 'is made to question his...

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