“The Victorian Period", "The Lady Of Shalott", "My Last Duchess" And "Sonnet 43" Questions English 12 Assignment

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**READ READ CHAPTER 6: THE VICTORIAN PERIOD: 1832-1901 Student's Edition pp. 674-693.

**READ THE LADY OF SHALOTT Alfred Lord Tennyson, Student's Edition pp. 694-702.
**COMPLETE Literary Response and Analysis on p. 702 in the textbook. Do Reading Check questions 1-3 AND Interpretations question #4.

1. Describe where the Lady of Shalott lives in relation to the city of Camelot.

She lives in a tower away from the city but is still able to see it. The Lady of Shalott lives in an island castle in a river which flows to Camelot, but little is known about her by the local farmers.

2. What must the Lady of Shalott do to avoid the curse?

She looked out of her tower and saw Lancelot with whom she fell in love - in contravention of the curse where she was only able to look at its reflection while weaving. The origin of the curse is unclear. She tried to get to Camelot by the river - using a boat she finds moored there.

3. After she hears Sir Lancelot singing, what does hte Lady do? ...

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